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Songs of the Untamed


I came across Sven last April through a random encounter in the Hague. I was already familiar with who he was, as we are part of the same scene of hardcore punk in Bulgaria. Instantly, I was compelled by his stories about growing up as a rebellious kid during times of strict Communist rule and constant police surveillance in Socialist Bulgaria. Western

influences, art and music were still illegal, but there were a few places where you could get your hands on smuggled cassettes, records, zines, and books, and those places were the catalyst of what would be the

beginning of the Bulgarian heavy music Renaissance. During the "Transition” period to Democracy, the country could not catch up with the integration and implementation of the Western economy, which resulted in people being confused and uncertain how they should live their lives. Hardcore punk and heavy music offered the freedom to channel all the repressed emotions and raw energy that was building up during the years of oppression.

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